Letter: Country deserves a better President



To the editor,

Since Senator Obama became President of the United States he has accomplished a great deal. He has managed to lose our credibility with our allies in the free world while dancing with the untrustworthy Iran. He has blatantly lied to the American people about being able to keep their health care and their doctor period. This was done to push for his Affordable Car Act known as Obamacare. This disaster will affect each and every one of us sooner or later.

Obama and his administration have stonewalled Congress in their attempted investigations of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA and the IRS. He has yet to fire anyone for wrongdoing or incompetence. This was the same man who ran on the promise to have the most transparent administration ever if elected. He has proven his transparency as most can see right through his lies, lack of experience and common sense.

Most people were impressed by his articulate speeches, education and promises of just about everything until all of these scandals surfaced. Most people now notice his arrogance and realize he is not qualified to be the President of the United States. We deserve better. 

With all that taken place under his watch he should be impeached by now. I believe if he was a Caucasian he would have been impeached by now. The reason he’s not being held accountable and impeached is because our elected officials fear it would lead to civil disobedience like what occurred in the 1960s.

Every day “King” Obama is circumventing Congress and the Constitution to further his left-wing agenda, as he did with his so-called recess appointments. Most people are unaware of how dangerous Obama is to our individual freedoms thanks to the left-wing media.  

Let us hope common sense prevails and we get through the remainder of his term without civil disobedience. The fear of the citizens taking actions may be why they want our guns, who knows it could be the reason. God bless the USA.

David R. Scott

Beacon Falls