Your Internet History

The Republican-American, the Citizens News, and the Southington, Bristol and Plainville Observers, do not “unpublish,” or remove articles or photos by request, from their websites.
We are in the business of reporting news, not wiping personal history.
In the case of arrests, lawsuits, divorces or other matters of public record, people whose cases or circumstances have been resolved can email official court documents that show the resolution of the case. Those documents are available through your lawyer or directly at the courthouse. Court experts will review those documents, and upon confirmation of their authenticity, an update can be added to top of any article noting what happened with the case or the situation since the article was published.
That update will be the first text people see should they find the article in a google and other search engines.
It is not a guarantee that earlier, cached versions of an article might exist somewhere online, particularly on social media. Over time, however, the updated version should take over an earlier versions in online searches.
To submit update requests and documents, email