Letter: Knights thankful for community support


To the editor,

Once again the Knights of Columbus Ojeda Council 33 has completed its annual Tootsie Roll fundraiser at the four corners by the Tuttle House in Naugatuck. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support people with developmental disabilities.

It always astounds me to see how generous people can be in this chance to give to those in need. In return for a nice fresh tootsie roll, we receive anything from a handful of change to ones, fives, tens and 20s. The people that help us are truly generous and most share a kind word and thank us for being there. Many of the people that donate aren’t even residents of the borough, but they’re still happy to help. Our favorite donation today was from a Naugatuck K-9 police officer who gave us the only cash she had and let us give one of the dog biscuits we were giving out to her partner, a beautiful black lab. Such a gentle pup.

God is good and so are the people of our community. Thank you again. Kindness counts.

Phil White


The writer is the grand knight of the Knights of Columbus Ojeda Council 33.