Letter: Zahid is worth voting for


To the editor,

I have discovered a person worth getting to know and to vote for: Shagufta Zahid, a Democratic candidate for burgess in Naugatuck. Here is a person who wishes to make a difference in the lives of the middle class and the “un-noticed class.” The middle class who have trouble paying taxes, worrying about sending their kids to college and how long will their car lasts. The unnoticed folks we sometimes don’t see: the youth, the unemployed, the handicapped.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with Shagufta and found she is passionate about the Naugatuck community. Her goal is to make the town of Naugatuck a go-to place for a Sunday afternoon walk, for a concert on the Green or for a day of fishing on the Naugatuck River.

Shagufta listens. And when she speaks people listen. Anyone who feels their voice isn’t heard should get to know her. People can just give her a call, tell her their concerns and she will make those concerns known to the mayor and the Board of Burgesses.

Brian K. Vaugh