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Letter: Knights thankful for community support

To the editor, Once again the Knights of Columbus Ojeda Council 33 has completed its annual Tootsie Roll fundraiser at the four corners by the...

Letter: Zahid is worth voting for

To the editor, I have discovered a person worth getting to know and to vote for: Shagufta Zahid, a Democratic candidate for burgess in Naugatuck....

Letter: Northrup is hard-working, honest

To the editor, Election time is quickly approaching. It's time for change in the borough of Naugatuck's tax collector’s office. Helen Northrup has managed multi-million dollar...

Letter: Northrup is right candidate for tax collector

To the editor, I am writing to endorse Helen Northrup, a Republican, for the position of tax collector for the borough of Naugatuck. I have...

Letter: Zahid is the best choice

To the editor, On Nov. 2, voting for Shagufta Zahid for burgess is the best choice. She will mindfully represent our veterans, children, elders and...

Letter: Naugatuck lucky to have opportunity to vote for Zahid

To the editor, A few years ago, I was proud to be chosen Naugatuck’s Earth Day Mayor for the Day. Shagufta Zahid was master of...

Letter: Women cannot be reduced to possessions with no rights

To the editor, Like many people, I've been following the news of sexual and verbal harassment of young women by their mentors — people who...

Letter: Litke is an asset to school board

To the editor, My sister and I wrote letters to the editor in 2017 and 2019 urging the voters in Naugatuck to vote for our...

Letter: Litke has served with distinction

To the editor, I am writing today to encourage the voters in Naugatuck to vote for my uncle, Jeff Litke, a Republican candidate, for the...

Letter: Team Chatfield will continue to move Prospect forward

To the editor, It’s that time again when opponents of Team Chatfield announce taglines, talking points and positions on what they deem as wrong with...

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