Contractor facing charges for work without permit, license

Jose Canto
Jose Canto

NAUGATUCK — A Waterbury man is facing charges after police say he performed work at home in the borough without the proper permits or a license.

Jose Canto, 55, of 18-C Mortimer St., Waterbury, was arrested on a warrant June 10 as the result of an investigation that started last December. Police said a building inspector drove past a home on Scott Street Dec. 5 and noticed debris outside that indicated a kitchen renovation was being done to the home.

The inspector spoke with Canto, who admitted he hadn’t pulled a permit, police said. He also told the inspector he had performed a number of building and electrical projects on the home for which he didn’t have a license for, police said.

The inspector found several code violations with the work and a cease and desist order was issued. The homeowners and Canto were told a permit was needed to complete the work and the work would have to be finished by a licensed contractor and electrician.

Police said Canto then applied for a permit at Naugatuck Town Hall under a false name. The permit wasn’t granted.

The homeowners told police they didn’t know Canto wasn’t licensed and that they were told he was when he started work, police said. After learning Canto didn’t have a permit and wasn’t licensed, police said, the homeowners hired another contractor and electrician, who were both licensed and had permits, to do the renovations.

Canto was charged with first-degree reckless endangerment and three building code violations: failure to have a home improvement contractor’s license, willful performance of craftsman’s work without a license and failure to obtain a building permit. He was released on a $500 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear at Waterbury Superior Court on June 24.