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Neighbors express concerns over proposed apartment unit

NAUGATUCK — Neighbors of a proposed apartment complex are worried that the planned 11-unit building will make it harder to find parking in the...

Commission to explore policy for signs on borough land

  NAUGATUCK — Controversy over a sign on borough land across from the Tuttle House and Senior Center has spurred the Zoning Commission to consider...

Zoning amendment not quite what developers had in mind

NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission approved a text change to the borough’s regulations, paving the way for developers who hope to build a 55-plus...

Rifle range fails to get zone OK

NAUGATUCK — The plan to build an indoor rifle range on Webb Road has been shot down. The Zoning Commission voted Wednesday to deny Shelton...

Borough commission loosens liquor laws

NAUGATUCK – Blue laws that have governed where liquor can be sold in Naugatuck for the past 54 years will finally get an update....

Wal-Mart gains approval to make store super

NAUGATUCK – The Zoning Commission voted Monday to approve a 23,000-square-foot commercial addition to Wal-Mart’s New Haven Road store, which would turn the store...

Rules change requested for shooting gallery

NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission will hold a hearing next month to discuss changing zoning regulations so that an indoor shooting range and recreation...

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