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Findings favor wind turbine project

NEW BRITAIN -- A decision by the Connecticut Siting Council on a proposed wind turbine project in Prospect is not expected until May 12,...

Evidentiary hearings come to a close, decision imminent on Wind Prospect project

The experts have offered their opinion, the advisors have advised, questions have been asked, and each side has made its case. Now all that’s...

Wind turbine regulation bill blows out of committee

HARTFORD – A bill requiring new regulations on wind turbine projects was voted out of the Energy and Technology Committee Tuesday. The bill would put...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines not safe in neighborhoods

Somewhere around 12 weeks ago I became part of a small minority of Prospect residents that found out about the proposed wind turbine project...

Prospect continues hearing on suggested wind-power rules

PROSPECT — It's better to have town regulations for wind power than not to have any, said an attorney representing a local man who...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines – the other side?

Since last November when those who are against the building of two wind turbines in the south end of Prospect stood in front of...

Panel calls for halt on wind projects

PROSPECT — A draft resolution signed by the Town Council on Tuesday calls for state legislators to place a moratorium on wind energy projects...

Letter to the editor: Anti-wind crowd not telling the whole story

I have been reading the several letters to the editor dumped upon Citizen’s News by the anti-wind people. They do not tell the...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines safe, clean energy

As a taxpayer, ratepayer, and lifelong resident of the Town of Prospect, I am in favor of Wind Prospect.  The wind turbine project includes...

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