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Questions linger as police investigate untimely death

NAUGATUCK — A day after police discovered the body Krzysztof Wojcik and his unconscious wife, Danuta, in the couple’s home on Golden Court a...

One dead in Prospect structure fire

PROSPECT — State police and the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department reported one death in a Wednesday-morning structure fire at a 62 Summit Road home. The victim’s identity has not yet been released, and the cause of the blaze is still pending investigation from the Connecticut State Police and Fire Marshal. Prospect Mayor and Assistant Fire Chief Bob Chatfield said the call came in at 7:11, and firefighters were on the scene at 7:12. When they arrived, he said, smoke was seeping from windows, doors, and through shingles on the roof; it wasn’t until a window gave and the flame was thus oxygenated that it really erupted. About fifty Prospect firefighters battled the inferno, many of them new members for whom this was their first major call. All told, Fire Chief Marty Lautenschlager said, it took them about 45 minutes to extinguish the fire, and no one was injured.

Murder suspect arrested

NAUGATUCK — Police have arrested the only suspect in the Oct. 1 killing of Italia Liguori at 88-5 Lantern Park Drive. Seventeen-year-old Angelina Jamele was...

Labor Day stabbing death a suicide

NAUGATUCK — The Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed that the Labor Day stabbing death of a Wolcott woman was indeed...

Another untimely death in the borough

NAUGATUCK — A vine bearing ripening tomatoes sidles the front porch of 88-5 Lantern Park Drive in a condominium complex near Baummer Pond. If...

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