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Letter to the editor: Wolfe Avenue property a liability for Beacon Falls

This letter is in responses to a recent article about the town owned property on Wolfe Ave in Beacon Falls. I live in the...

Letter to the editor: Let taxpayers decide what to do with Lewis house

The so called Lewis house on Wolf Avenue still breeds controversy and it really should because it’s a damn controversial problem. I feel because...

Decision to raze Lewis house faces opposition

The battle over the future of the Tracy Lewis house in Beacon Falls rages on despite a 2-1 vote Monday by the Board of...

Letter to the editor: Don’t raze Wolfe Avenue property until new plan is in...

Dear Sue Cable, Mike Krenesky, and Dominick Sorrentino I understand the property on Wolfe Avenue that was purchased by the town for public use a...

Letter to the editor: Beacon Falls can’t afford demolition

It is distressing to find that the Beacon Falls Board of Selectmen, at their December 13th meeting, voted 2 to 1, along party lines,...

Grandson of Tracy S. Lewis tours house

John Yandell, the grandson of Tracy S Lewis, visited and toured his Grandfather's House in Beacon Falls November 20. John Yandell, who lives...

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