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Council chairman expresses ‘frustration,’ won’t seek another term

PROSPECT — Citing frustration with not being able to get answers to financial questions, Town Council Chairman Tom Galvin has announced that he will...

Letter: Town meetings are a rich New England tradition

To the editor, On April 19, close to 300 of our fellow residents came together at Community School to discuss and vote upon the town...

Republicans retain control of Prospect Town Council

PROSPECT — Republicans maintained their five-to-four majority control of the Prospect Town Council on Tuesday night, as all nine incumbent council members retained their...

Candidate profile : Thomas Galvin

Republican Prospect Town Council Age: 62 Occupation: Retired Banker Past political posts: Town Council (4 Years) - Planning & Zoning (7 Years) Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding...

Chatfield receives endorsement to lead Prospect’s GOP ticket

PROSPECT — Mayor Robert Chatfield will be running for his 18th term in office unopposed, at least for now. The Prospect Republican Town Committee endorsed...
Save Prospect President Tim Reilly asks the Prospect Town Council for money to offset his group's legal fees at a council meeting June 7. He later rescinded his request.

Save Prospect rescinds call for town reimbursement

PROSPECT — Save Prospect Corp. has retracted its request for the town to reimburse it for expenses incurred in the fight against industrial wind...

Save Prospect wants town to help pay legal bills

PROSPECT — After a lengthy fight against the Wind Prospect project, Save Prospect Corp. has racked up some hefty legal fees. According to Save Prospect...

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