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Few opt out of survey

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Survey to be given to Region 16 students

REGION 16 — The Region 16 Community Prevention Task Force, in conjunction with the towns of Beacon Falls and Prospect, will be conducting a...

Survey seeks opinions on borough government

NAUGATUCK — How do you rate the borough on attracting new businesses? Or the building and permitting process? What services should the borough provide,...

St. Francis Church conducting survey

NAUGATUCK — St. Francis of Assisi Church’s Strategic Planning Committee announced it is conducting a survey of its active and former parishioners. The committee is...

Region 16 survey discovers teens want to be heard

BEACON FALLS — Building self-esteem. Encouraging parents to talk to their children. Improving student relationships with the community. These key steps and more...

Results of Region 16 student survey to be unveiled

BEACON FALLS — Prospect and Beacon Falls residents and Region 16 students can attend an event Tuesday where results of a youth survey on...

Committee working to shape future of borough schools

What will the Naugatuck school system look like in 2025? That is the central question members of the Long Term School Facility Planning Committee...

Public opinion on the future of Naugatuck schools sought

NAUGATUCK — The borough is seeking the input of residents and other community stakeholders on what they would prefer Naugatuck schools to look like...

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