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School board picks next superintendent

REGION 16 — The Board of Education reached into the Waterbury school system to find Region 16’s next superintendent of schools. The board, which oversees schools in Beacon Falls and…

Board hires new superintendent

NAUGATUCK —The Naugatuck public school system has a new superintendent. Sharon Locke, 46, of Durham, was hired as the next superintendent Wednesday night during a special Board of Education meeting….


Textbook funding on a “maintenance budget”

The Region 16 school district will spend about three times as much as Naugatuck Public Schools, per pupil, on textbooks in 2010-11. Region 16, which serves 2,584 Beacon Falls and…

School chief will retire in 2012

NAUGATUCK — Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Tindall-Gibson, who has long been blamed, at least partially, by the public, borough officials and even subordinate teachers for the school system’s fiscal…