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Star Gazing: Woodland’s Shaine Thompson

On the Court: Woodland senior forward Shaine Thompson is red hot for the Hawks, who finally snapped a six-game losing streak with Tuesday’s 76-66...

Star Gazing: Hawks hoopster Heather Framski

On the Court: Woodland junior forward Heather Framski is off to a hot start for the 3-0 Hawks, leading her team in scoring in...

Star Gazing: Raven Palmerie

On the Field: Woodland junior center-midfielder Raven Palmerie was tabbed by coach Joe Fortier before the season to be the Hawks’ leader this year,...

Star Gazing: Woodland setter Jess Patrizi

On the Court: Woodland junior setter Jess Patrizi has been a key force in leading her Hawks to a three-way tie atop the Naugatuck...

Star Gazing: Jack DeBiase

On the Field: Junior tailback Jack DeBiase has boosted his Hawks to a strong, 2-0 start—two more wins than Woodland had at this...

Star Gazing: Tiago Martins

On the Field: Naugatuck junior center-midfielder Tiago Martins is tearing apart the Naugatuck Valley League’s soccer defenses at the outset of the season, leading...

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