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Volunteers sought to prepare tax returns

NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck Senior Center is seeking volunteers to help prepare income tax return as part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Volunteers...

Borough using grant money to help elderly

NAUGATUCK — The tri-fold letter curls up on Ed Carter’s desk, as if mimicking the felines about which it is written. Carter, Naugatuck’s mayoral...

Seniors receive free health screening

NAGUATUCK — Naugatuck and surrounding area seniors had a rare chance to get their overall health examined free of charge last Thursday at the...

Prospect Senior Center debars Mallon

PROSPECT — Every now and again, Republican Mayor Bob Chatfield pops in to the Prospect Senior Center. Seniors say he’s just checking in, saying...

DeLauro, seniors talk social security

NAUGATUCK — When Kathryn Green started collecting signatures on a “Hands Off Our Social Security” petition, she hoped to publicize the concerns she held,...

Senior center hosts cribbage group

NAUGATUCK — “Ten,” says Pina Divito as she slaps a king of spades onto the table. “Fifteen for two,” Elaine Broderick counters, playing a five...

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