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Candidate profiles: Naugatuck BOE

The Citizen’s News asked candidates running for office four questions. The following are the responses from candidates running for Board of Education in Naugatuck: Jason L. Celozzi Age: 39 Party:…

From left, Stephanie Savoy, Helen Borbos, and Barbara Caron sort the ballots from the Naugatuck municipal election Tuesday morning. Poll workers had to recount the votes after Scott Slauson beat out Deanna Krzykowski for a seat on the Board of Education by only seven votes. “Every vote counts,” Slauson said as he watched the poll workers tally up the numbers Tuesday morning. “This is democracy in action.” Slauson's vote tally remained the same at 1,301, but losing candidate Deanna Krzykowski, a Democrat, lost a vote after some ballots were hand-counted, Democratic Registrar of Voters Louise Sheedy said. After the recount, Krzykowski trailed Slauson by just eight votes. The state mandates a recount if any two candidates are within 20 votes of each other. The Board of Education has nine members, including Mayor Robert A. Mezzo, and will meet Thursday to elect officers.
Scott Slauson

Candidate profile: Scott Slauson

Scott Slauson Republican Board of Education candidate Why are you running for this position? “I want to serve my community as my wife and I have two children in the…