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NSI announces appointment of sales specialist

NAUGATUCK – NSI proudly announced the appointment of Ryan Wilson as an inside sales support specialist. Wilson, a graduate of the University of Connecticut, will...

Woodland begins Brass track title defense

BEACON FALLS — The Woodland boys and girls track teams are looking to defend last year’s Naugatuck Valley League Brass Division titles. The boys team...

Zumba program benefits Eustace family

BEACON FALLS — Fast-paced music and bright clothing highlighted a senior project with a personal touch last weekend at Woodland Regional High School. Seniors Brooke...

Woodland players dedicate season to Eustace

BEACON FALLS – It’s been more than two months since 17-year-old Ryan Eustace passed away after a severe head injury suffered in a car...

Prospect teen dies, a community grieves

PROSPECT — 17-year-old Ryan Eustace, who sustained a critical head injury in a single-vehicle accident earlier this week, died Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson for...

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