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As value of homes soar in borough, so too could taxes

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News NAUGATUCK -- Property values are on the rise as the borough looks to complete the revaluation on its real estate. Since the...

Naugatuck reval nears: Waterbury company hired for job

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News NAUGATUCK -- This spring the borough will undertake a required revaluation of all the houses and buildings. At its Jan. 4 meeting,...

Reval coming up for Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — The town is set to begin a property revaluation. The state requires municipalities to conduct revaluations every five years to assess the...

Revaluation has varying impact on borough homes

NAUGATUCK — The borough’s recent revaluation had a wide-ranging impact on homeowners. The state requires municipalities to perform a full property revaluation every 10 years...

Property values rise after revaluation

NAUGATUCK — Property values are up an average of 6.5 percent following the completion of a borough-wide revaluation. The state requires municipalities to perform a...

Second look at reval shows similar results

BEACON FALLS — A second look at the assessments of one neighborhood whose property values shot up in the last revaluation came back with...

Assessments climb for neighborhood following reval

BEACON FALLS — When most properties went down in value last year, one neighborhood saw its assessments soar. Residents of Chatfield Farms, a community for...

Naugatuck revaluation delayed a year 

NAUGATUCK — The property revaluation scheduled to start in August has been delayed a year. The state requires municipalities to perform property revaluations every five...

Real estate values drop in Borough

NAUGATUCK — Real estate values in the borough dropped by 26 percent over the past five years. Naugatuck recently completed a revaluation, performed by the...

Borough begins appraisal process for reval

NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck is starting work for the revaluation of all real estate in the borough. This revaluation will be effective for the grand...

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