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Chatfield receives endorsement to lead Prospect’s GOP ticket

PROSPECT — Mayor Robert Chatfield will be running for his 18th term in office unopposed, at least for now. The Prospect Republican Town Committee endorsed...

Smith to lead Beacon Falls GOP slate

BEACON FALLS — The Republican Town Committee endorsed a full slate of candidates for the upcoming election at its caucus Wednesday night. “I’m excited,” RTC...

Borough GOP unveils platform built on communication, trust

NAUGATUCK — Republican burgess and board of education candidates vowed if elected, to bridge a communication gap between Naugatuck’s two most influential boards. Republican...

Mezzo to run unopposed, for now

NAUGATUCK — Come May, the Board of Mayor and Burgesses may include three members with experience as the town’s chief executive. The Republican Town Committee...

Senate candidates woo local voters

BEACON FALLS — Recent poll numbers indicate that whoever secures the GOP nomination to run for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s available seat in Congress...

Beacon Falls Republicans look for a change

BEACON FALLS — In recent elections nationwide, it has been Democrats trumpeting change, in contrast to Republicans’ status quo. But here it is the GOP working to remake its image, in hopes of balancing a local government controlled largely by Democrats. Among 15 total winners in November’s municipal elections, only four were Republicans and just two, Town Clerk Kurt Novak and Board of Education member Bill Fredericks, actually beat Democrats for their seats. Many Democrats won their seats unopposed, after the seemingly disorganized Republican Town Committee failed to compile a full slate of candidates. So it was unsurprising that when caucusing last Wednesday at the senior center, an assembly of 39 registered Republicans elected a 25-member body that included 17 people who were not on the committee at the start of the current term. Howard Daniels, Jr., Leonard Greene, Ursula Henry, Helen Mis, Brian Ploss, Susan Ploss, James Woodward and Judith Wrenn will be the eight holdovers when a new term begins in March.

Naugatuck caucuses prove the young want in

NAUGATUCK — The Republican and Democratic Town Committees enjoyed an influx of seven new members apiece after caucusing last week. Some familiar faces retained their...

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