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Street departments brace for flakes

Old Man Winter is a-knockin’, and municipalities squeezed tight during dire economic times will be hard-put to clean up his mess this year. The cost...

Woodland hosts annual Fall Fine Arts Night

BEACON FALLS — Jazz legends John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Thelonius Monk all were revived, so to speak, at Woodland Regional High School’s...

Prospect Senior Center debars Mallon

PROSPECT — Every now and again, Republican Mayor Bob Chatfield pops in to the Prospect Senior Center. Seniors say he’s just checking in, saying...

CLISE: Bond debt a complexity

Democratic mayoral challenger Charles Mallon says Prospect’s bond debt exceeds $25 million. Republican incumbent Mayor Bob Chatfield claims the figure is more like $3...

It’s experience vs. change in Prospect

PROSPECT — Mayor Bob Chatfield, the state’s longest-tenured chief executive, hopes voters will think of an old catchphrase when they cast their ballots Nov....

CN Headlines 9-25-09

Check out the all-new CN Podcast from staff writer Brendan Cox. It's like a condensed, audio version of the current week's newspaper. Click play...

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