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Neighbors express concerns over application for oversized garage

By Andreas Yilma, Staff Writer PROSPECT — A plan to build an oversized garage on a lot on Tress Road elicited concerns and opposition from...

Hearing on proposed industrial building opens

PROSPECT — Nine years after the Planning and Zoning Commission approved a permit for temporary storage at an industrial site on Union City Road,...

Commission denies special permits for farm stand

PROSPECT — The Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously this week to deny two special permits for a farm stand off of Straitsville Road...

Traffic concerns aired over proposed farm stand site

PROSPECT — Traffic coming out of a proposed parking lot on Straitsville Road near Porter Hill Road would be dangerous, according to opponents of...

Proposed turbine regulations blown away

PROSPECT — The Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday rejected proposed regulations for industrial grade wind turbines in town, citing reasons that included they’re...

Land use officials working to decipher new legislation

A new state act on bonding for subdivisions is proving a headache for local zoning boards. “This is a disaster,” attorney Jennifer Yoxall of Carmody...

End of the road

PROSPECT — For five years, Mark Hudson of 105 Rosemary Road has driven the last 100 feet to his house through an unfinished gravel...

Save Prospect pres seeks P&Z seat

PROSPECT — Save Prospect President Tim Reilly announced Tuesday he would be running for the Planning and Zoning Commission as an unaffiliated petitioning candidate....

Save Prospect president calls for wind energy task force

PROSPECT — He may have won his battle, but Save Prospect President Tim Reilly isn’t done fighting. In a letter to town officials, the leader...

Prospect continues hearing on suggested wind-power rules

PROSPECT — It's better to have town regulations for wind power than not to have any, said an attorney representing a local man who...

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