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Mezzo on Renaissance Place grant

Naugatuck Mayor Robert Mezzo recently sat down with the Citizen's News to discuss a $500,000 grant that will pay for design on a new parking garage on Parcel C.

Grant sought for Parcel C parking

NAUGATUCK — The borough will apply for a state grant to begin planning for a parking facility on Parcel C at Renaissance Place. The Board...

Building 25 still stuck in limbo

NAUGATUCK — The fate of the last remaining building from the Uniroyal Rubber Company is still up in the air. The Maple St. building...

Parcel C cleanup budget exceeded

NAUGATUCK — Just weeks after officials assured the project was within its $1.1 million budget, cleanup at Parcel c, the 2.2-acre, borough-owned tract at...

Work on Parcel C back underway

NAUGATUCK — The question buzzes around the borough. In the streets, in the shops, wherever. The question cannot be escaped. Some intrigued questioners ask out...

Coal contamination a wrench in the works

NAUGATUCK — The contractor that has been working to clean soil contaminants from Parcel C, the 2.2-acre, borough-owned tract at the corner of Maple...

Parcel C cleanup set to begin

NAUGATUCK — The borough will start cleaning a contaminated former industrial parcel downtown next month. The state Department of Environmental Protection has approved the borough's...

Conroy, NEDC solicit opinions of Parcel C

NAUGATUCK— The Naugatuck Economic Development Corporation and Conroy Development officials didn’t quite get what they were looking for Monday night when they held a...

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