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Borough launches iWatchNaugatuck

NAUGATUCK — By downloading a free app, Naugatuck residents can turn their smartphones into a crime-fighting tool. The Naugatuck Police Department launched iWatchNaugatuck Friday. iWatchNaugatuck...

Borough police changing frequencies

NAUGATUCK — Borough police are preparing to switch as early as this week to a new digital radio system after a $1.1 million upgrade. “I...

Unwanted meds can be dropped off at PD

NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck Police Department now has a prescription medication collection box in the front lobby of its headquarters at 211 Spring St. Police...

Borough officers shifting gears to new rides

NAUGATUCK — A new set of five compact police cruisers hit the borough streets this summer, marking a change from the Ford Crown Victoria...

Eight borough officers accept early retirement incentive

NAUGATUCK — Eight police officers, the maximum eligible, will retire early under the borough's incentive program, which allows their pensions to be calculated as...

Naugatuck PD holding Citizens Police Academy

NAUGATUCK-Ever wonder what it’s like to be a police officer? The Naugatuck Police Department can help. The department is now accepting applications for the 2011...

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