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Commission approves moratorium

P&Z to draft regulations for methadone clinics, marijuana dispensaries BEACON FALLS — The Planning and Zoning Commission voted last week to institute a moratorium on methadone clinics and marijuana dispensaries….

State House votes to regulate siting of wind turbines

HARTFORD — The House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to regulate the siting of power-generating wind turbines in Connecticut. Some Republican members voiced concerns that the bill would impose a de facto…


Wind turbine regulation bill blows out of committee

HARTFORD – A bill requiring new regulations on wind turbine projects was voted out of the Energy and Technology Committee Tuesday. The bill would put the breaks on wind projects…

Letter to the editor: Wind energy is now a statewide issue

The discussions of wind energy in the towns of Prospect and Colebrook involve proposals for a statewide moratorium of wind turbine construction/operation and a statewide setback of 1.25 miles from…