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Author tells Beacon Falls’ story

By Jessica D'Aniello Citizen's News BEACON FALLS -- The town's origin story centers on a young Narragansett Indian named Tobe who was enslaved in 1676...

Selectman withdraws FOI complaint, files new request

BEACON FALLS — Selectman Michael Krenesky withdrew a freedom of information complaint against Tax Collector Mary Anne Holloway last week prior to a hearing...

Candidate profiles: Beacon Falls selectman

The Citizen’s News asked candidates running Beacon Falls selectman in the Nov. 7 municipal election four questions. Their responses are below: Name: Peter John Betkoski Age:...

Letter: First Selectman supported salary increase

To the editor, The Oct.14, 2011 edition of the Citizen’s News published an article on page 5 named “Democratic candidates vow not to raise pay,”...

A look ahead – what to expect in Beacon Falls in 2011

Town leaders in Naugatuck, Prospect, and Beacon Falls all echoed the same manta – We’ll do the best we can with what little...

Decision to raze Lewis house faces opposition

The battle over the future of the Tracy Lewis house in Beacon Falls rages on despite a 2-1 vote Monday by the Board of...

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