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Mezzo appoints facility planning committee

NAUGATUCK — A long term facility planning committee has been appointed to seek ways to improve the borough’s public school system. Mayor Robert Mezzo obtained...

Mezzo looks to alter pension plans

NAUGATUCK — New municipal employees will probably not receive the same sweet pension deals their predecessors enjoyed for decades. A priority for Mayor Robert A....

Borough’s bond rating upgraded

NAUGATUCK — The bond rating agency Standard & Poor's has upgraded the rating on the borough's long-term general obligation bonds, meaning the borough could...

Renaissance Place: 2010 may bring progress

NAUGATUCK — Contrary to popular opinion, General DataComm’s apparent unwillingness to sell its property at 6 Rubber Avenue will not be the biggest impediment...

Mezzo proposes BOE deficit solution

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo has a plan to bridge the school system's projected $2 million budget gap while avoiding massive layoffs and program...

Mezzo addresses business owners at luncheon

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo assured the Chamber of Commerce and business owners Tuesday that the Renaissance Place development project is “alive and well,”...

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