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Officials decry plans to cut train service

In an effort to balance its budget, the state Department of Transportation is threatening substantial cuts to transit services, including to the Waterbury branch...

Train ticket app around the bend

WATERBURY — As work to upgrade the Waterbury Branch to a modern railroad continues, the line will unveil a new form of payment —...

Authority sought to foster transit hubs

WATERBURY — Communities with commuter rail and CTFastrak stations could receive assistance from the state to develop property around those locations with the creation...

State OKs funds to improve Metro-North line

WATERBURY — State approval last week for $10 million in improvements to Metro-North will mean more service for the Waterbury line. The signal and siding...

Plan calls for moving platform 

NAUGATUCK — A plan to move the Metro-North train platform to enhance economic development downtown appears to be inching closer to reality. Up to $35...

Sidings to allow for more trains

WATERBURY — Riders clamoring for more frequent service on the Waterbury Branch of Metro-North Railroad will get what they've been wanting for more than...

Forum to focus on branch line

NAUGATUCK — The Connecticut Commuter Rail Council is hosting a forum on the Metro-North Waterbury branch line Jan. 13. The forum will include discussions...

Disabled train halts Waterbury Line

WATERBURY – The Metro-North Waterbury Line is out of service for an undetermined length of time after an air compressor failed on one of...

Talking train

HARTFORD — Local legislators met with Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker recently to discuss the future of the Waterbury branch of the Metro-North...

Commuters want more trains

NAUGATUCK — Commuters who use Metro-North’s Waterbury branch line came out last week to air their grievances in hopes of getting of smoother ride. The...

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