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Loan proposal goes 5 for 5 at referendum

BEACON FALLS — Residents approved all five parts of a $1.4 million loan package at a referendum on Thursday. The 10-year loan included large ticket items that town officials felt…


Vote on Beacon Falls loan now going to referendum

BEACON FALLS — The vote on a proposed 10-year, $1.4 million loan will take place at a referendum rather than a town meeting as originally planned. The decision on whether…


Voters to decide fate of proposed loan

BEACON FALLS — Residents will soon have the chance to cast another deciding vote on the town’s economical future. A town meeting will be held June 14 at Beacon Hose…


Beacon Falls moving forward with loan for big-ticket items

BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance voted to accept a municipal loan proposal and move it forward to a public meeting. The Board of Selectmen…


Officials eye loan to pay for big ticket items

BEACON FALLS — The boards of Selectmen and Finance have put together a proposal for a $1.1 million note that will cover the town’s large ticket items and capital projects….

Attorney General initiates investigation of BNE loan

Assistant Attorney General Arnold Menchel has responded to a call for an investigation of BNE Energy’s loan application to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF). Members of Save Prospect Corp.,…