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Letter to the editor: Previous letter misrepresents Wolfe Ave. situation

Dear Editor, In the Letter to the Editor posted online on Jan. 13, Mr. Woodward misrepresents a few points. First of all, the 35 Wolfe...

Letter to the editor: Beacon Falls ‘town hall annex’ underutilized

Town officials convinced the voters and taxpayers that Town Hall was in critical need of additional municipal administrative space and in 2008 the voters...

A look ahead – what to expect in Beacon Falls in 2011

Town leaders in Naugatuck, Prospect, and Beacon Falls all echoed the same manta – We’ll do the best we can with what little...

Letter to the editor: Clarification of Lewis house tours

The problem with politics is that people pay attention to the initial statement being made and not the truth or lack of the truth,...

Letter to the editor: Wolfe Avenue property a liability for Beacon Falls

This letter is in responses to a recent article about the town owned property on Wolfe Ave in Beacon Falls. I live in the...

Letter to the editor: Let taxpayers decide what to do with Lewis house

The so called Lewis house on Wolf Avenue still breeds controversy and it really should because it’s a damn controversial problem. I feel because...

Decision to raze Lewis house faces opposition

The battle over the future of the Tracy Lewis house in Beacon Falls rages on despite a 2-1 vote Monday by the Board of...

Letter to the editor: Don’t raze Wolfe Avenue property until new plan is in...

Dear Sue Cable, Mike Krenesky, and Dominick Sorrentino I understand the property on Wolfe Avenue that was purchased by the town for public use a...

Letter to the editor: Beacon Falls can’t afford demolition

It is distressing to find that the Beacon Falls Board of Selectmen, at their December 13th meeting, voted 2 to 1, along party lines,...

Tracy Lewis House officially historic

November 3 at the monthly meeting of the Historic Preservation Council - CT Commission on Culture & Tourism, the Tracy Lewis House was officially...

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