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Letter to the editor: The great abortion hoax

For almost forty years since Roe vs Wade, millions of young girls and women have been given the great lie that they are only...

Letter to the editor: Neighbors are the BEST

Dear Editor, I wanted to share with everyone the wonderful neighbors that I am so blessed to live near. The two families, Bob and...

Letter to the editor: Previous letter misrepresents Wolfe Ave. situation

Dear Editor, In the Letter to the Editor posted online on Jan. 13, Mr. Woodward misrepresents a few points. First of all, the 35 Wolfe...

Letter to the editor: Beacon Falls ‘town hall annex’ underutilized

Town officials convinced the voters and taxpayers that Town Hall was in critical need of additional municipal administrative space and in 2008 the voters...

Letter to the editor: Wind energy is now a statewide issue

The discussions of wind energy in the towns of Prospect and Colebrook involve proposals for a statewide moratorium of wind turbine construction/operation and a...

Letter to the editor: Falmouth turbine experience a warning to Prospect

I write this editorial to get across a simple but seemingly missed point regarding commercial wind turbines near homes. A point intentionally brushed aside...

Industrial wind turbines not safe for residential neighborhoods

A group of residents in the town of Prospect is facing the prospect of their lives changing irrevocably if BNE Energy succeeds in having...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines – the other side?

Since last November when those who are against the building of two wind turbines in the south end of Prospect stood in front of...

Letter to the editor: Opinion poll is biased

Dear Editor, Regarding your Citizens' News on-line "Quality of Life" Poll on the Wind Turbine Proposal, wouldn't it be a more clear question if worded: "Do...

Letter to the editor: Call me a NIMBY

When I first heard about the wind turbines, I thought “that’s cool”. Then I started to research it. You may think this isn’t your...

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