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Cozying up to critters: Kelly’s Kids expands into new side business

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News PROSPECT -- Farms on Wheels now has a cute little baby business to go with it. Kelly's Kids founder and executive director...

Kelly’s Kids running farm stand

PROSPECT — Kelly’s Kids is running a farm stand to benefit children in the nonprofit’s programs. Kelly’s Kids runs therapeutic programs with farm animals to...

Camp exposes children to farm life

PROSPECT — Five-year-old Steve Cota held on tight as a 4-day-old calf tugged to get the milk from a bottle at Kelly Cronin's farm-based...

Volunteers raise barn for Kelly’s Kids

PROSPECT — The sound of hammers hitting nails rang out across the farm off of Spring Road May 20 as volunteers came together to...

Nonprofit uses animals to reach children

PROSPECT — The former director of Waterbury Youth Services has launched her own nonprofit organization, hoping to use her farm animals as a tool...

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