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Coach’s Corner: Jodie Ruccio

NAUGATUCK — All great competitors have one thing in common: A passion to succeed. Naugatuck girls basketball coach Jodie Ruccio felt that fire in her...

Piroscafo emerges as go-to player

The Naugatuck girls basketball head coach Jodie Ruccio knew very well what she had coming into the season. After losing six seniors to graduation,...

Offense sputters as Naugy girls fall to 0-3

WATERTOWN — After losing six seniors to graduation, Naugatuck girls head coach Jodie Ruccio’s main concern heading into this season was to hold opponents...

Greyhound girls seeking new go-to player

NAUGATUCK — As the Naugatuck girls basketball team tips off its season this week, it will look to fill a void left by six...

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