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Borough officials contemplate reconstruction of historic brick road

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News NAUGATUCK -- Hillside Avenue, the borough's deteriorating and century-old brick road, looks to be repaired and its bricks preserved as much...

Borough renames brick stretch of Hillside Avenue as tribute

By Elio Gugliotti and Ken Morse, Citizen’s News NAUGATUCK — Hillside Avenue is known for its brick section that curves around Hillside Intermediate School. Now,...

Tree splits borough home

NAUGATUCK — Alice Clark, 95, awoke to what sounded like an airplane hitting her house just after midnight Monday. A large oak tree toppled onto...

Borough crews repair sinkhole

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Repairs to Hillside Avenue will have to wait

NAUGATUCK — Hillside Avenue, the borough's deteriorating brick road, is not likely to receive major repairs for another year. No money has been budgeted for...

Severe storm leaves its mark

The fierce storm that ripped through the area Thursday made sure that it wouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon—at least by the Ostrander family. The storm...

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