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No clear answers for sprinkler system mishap

BEACON FALLS — With no firm answers, Aquarion Water Company took full responsibility for the missteps that led up to the sprinkler system at...

Road to school expected to be clear

BEACON FALLS — Highland Avenue in front of Laurel Ledge Elementary School should be smooth driving when parents and buses arrive next Monday morning...

Road work raises concerns

BEACON FALLS — Work on Highland Avenue has left portions of the road torn up for the time being and some residents with questions...

Busy summer for road work

BEACON FALLS — With major road work under way in town, the Board of Selectmen Monday night approved an additional project. The board voted to...

Road reconstruction ready to begin

BEACON FALLS — Big changes are coming for one of the town’s busier roads. The complete reconstruction of Highland Avenue is slated to begin later...

Residents complain of parking woes

BEACON FALLS — Highland Avenue residents brought complaints about parking on the street to the Board of Selectmen Monday night. Residents complained that non-residents are...

Town, residents settle on road plan

BEACON FALLS — The town is moving forward with the original reconstruction plan for Highland Avenue. About 10 Highland Avenue residents, Town Engineer Jim Galligan...

Road work moving at varying paces

BEACON FALLS — Three major road projects are moving forward at different speeds. In July, voters authorized bonding up to $2.1 million for repairs...

Bond package for road repairs passes

BEACON FALLS — Voters authorized bonding up to $2.1 million for road repairs at a town meeting Monday night. The vote was 24 to 2...

Road bond package up for vote

BEACON FALLS — BEACON FALLS — Voters will be asked to authorize bonding up to $2.1 million for road repairs at a town meeting...

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