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Solar panel project in Naugatuck may get vote Feb. 16

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News NAUGATUCK -- The Zoning Commission has closed a hearing on an application to develop solar arrays on a meadow near a...

BNE, Save Prospect Corp. offer contradictory testimony

Throughout the Siting Council hearings, both BNE and Save Prospect called on expert witnesses to provide testimony on the merits of the project. BNE...

Siting council to hold public hearings in Prospect

NEW BRITAIN - The Connecticut Siting Council voted Jan. 6 to hold two public hearings in Prospect to give citizens a chance to voice...

Push for turbines in Conn. hampered by a lack of wind

Energy experts, legislators and power companies in Connecticut are not rushing to embrace wind power. BNE Energy Inc. of West Hartford wants to build turbines...

Letter to the editor: Falmouth turbine experience a warning to Prospect

I write this editorial to get across a simple but seemingly missed point regarding commercial wind turbines near homes. A point intentionally brushed aside...

Industrial wind turbines not safe for residential neighborhoods

A group of residents in the town of Prospect is facing the prospect of their lives changing irrevocably if BNE Energy succeeds in having...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines – the other side?

Since last November when those who are against the building of two wind turbines in the south end of Prospect stood in front of...

Proposed order would keep wind turbines away from homes

PROSPECT – A proposed order from a group against a wind project in Prospect would set turbines back 3,000 feet from abutting property and...

Letter to the editor: Anti-wind crowd not telling the whole story

I have been reading the several letters to the editor dumped upon Citizen’s News by the anti-wind people. They do not tell the...

Letter to the editor: Wind turbines safe, clean energy

As a taxpayer, ratepayer, and lifelong resident of the Town of Prospect, I am in favor of Wind Prospect.  The wind turbine project includes...

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