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Letter to the editor: Thank you Prospect Town Council and Mayor Bob

As a concerned citizen of Prospect and living 1500 feet from the proposed wind turbines, I attended the Prospect Town Council meeting on Tuesday...

Letter to the editor: Call me a NIMBY

When I first heard about the wind turbines, I thought “that’s cool”. Then I started to research it. You may think this isn’t your...

Letter to the editor: benefits of wind turbine won’t help Prospect

One wonders why we keep reading and hearing that 25% (and 85% on windy days) of Prospect’s residential energy consumption will be produced by...

Letter to the editor: Keep our neighbors in Prospect safe from wind turbine issues

To know something truly and closely, you have to step into that world and feel it. Over the past three years or so, (I...

Letter to the editor: Prospect wind turbines treat to health, safety

The residents truly believe in the town slogan, “best small town in Connecticut.” That is because it has the feel of a family supported...

Letter to the editor: Proposed wind turbine too close to home

There has been a lot of controversy about the wind turbine site BNE energy company in Prospect, CT. I believe that this is an...

Prospect learns about noise, sun flicker on wind farm trip

A bus trip to a wind turbine in Falmouth, Mass., confirmed Prospect residents’ concerns that the proposed wind farm in Prospect would be a...

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