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Senate candidates woo local voters

BEACON FALLS — Recent poll numbers indicate that whoever secures the GOP nomination to run for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s available seat in Congress...

Recount settles tie in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — A recount Tuesday broke a tie between Republican William L. Fredericks and Democrat Elizabeth T. Falzone for the Region 16...

Prospect Senior Center debars Mallon

PROSPECT — Every now and again, Republican Mayor Bob Chatfield pops in to the Prospect Senior Center. Seniors say he’s just checking in, saying...

Three candidates, two seats in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — Only one contender in the upcoming Region 16 Board of Education election, in which two Beacon Falls seats are open, attended...

It’s experience vs. change in Prospect

PROSPECT — Mayor Bob Chatfield, the state’s longest-tenured chief executive, hopes voters will think of an old catchphrase when they cast their ballots Nov....

Cable, Krenesky vie for votes

BEACON FALLS — Come Election Day on Nov. 3, voters will face a choice between the time-tested leadership of Democratic incumbent Sue Cable and...

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