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Borough’s blight fight makes strides under temporary officer

NAUGATUCK — Temporary Blight Enforcement Officer and Mayoral Aide Ed Carter said he has handled a steady stream of calls regarding blight since Mayor...
Borough-contracted landscapers will cut 2-foot-high grass at this 520 Candy Road property unless owners take care of it themselves.

Borough targeting unkempt grass

NAUGATUCK — In the first step in plans to remediate blighted properties, the borough is setting its sights on overgrown grass. Mayoral Aide Ed Carter,...

Carter to serve as borough’s temporary blight officer

NAUGATUCK — When the Board of Mayor and Burgesses adopted the town’s budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year, it did not include funding for...
Ed Carter

Candidate profile: Ed Carter

Ed Carter Democrat Town Clerk candidate Watch Ed's campaign video. Why are you running for this position? “I have always been interested in the history of Naugatuck. The...

Letter to the editor: Carter has what it takes to be Town Clerk

I have known Ed carter for over 25 years. Ed and his wife Terri have raised a beautiful family and each member is an...

Ed Carter: Candidate for town clerk

The Citizen's News invited candidates for the Naugatuck municipal elections to make a short campaign video. Ed Carter is the Republican candidate for town clerk.
Town Clerk Sophie Morton is retiring after 28 years in Naugatuck.

Clerk to retire, race on to replace her

NAUGATUCK - After 28 years of serving as Town Clerk, Sophie Morton is ready to retire. For the past three decades, Morton has been the...

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