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Answers sought to teen crime wave in Prospect

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News PROSPECT -- As the state handles a wave of juvenile crime, including motor vehicle thefts, a pair of Republican state representatives...

Naugatuck to use traffic cams to deter crime

By Andreas Yilma Citizen's News NAUGATUCK -- The Naugatuck Police Department will soon use traffic screening cameras to deter and stop crime in the borough. The Board...

Borough crime rate dips for 2nd quarter of 2011

NAUGATUCK — The borough’s crime rate for the second quarter of 2011 dropped 45 percent compared 2010, according to statistics from the state Department...

Oklahoma man breaks into Naugatuck home

NAUGATUCK – An out-of-state worker broke into a home early Wednesday morning for no apparent reason. Just after 3 a.m., Derrick Kelly, 30, of Lindsay,...

Busted oxycodone ring may include 2 people from Naugatuck

STAMFORD — Federal prosecutors said Tuesday that 20 people have been arrested on charges of involvement in an oxycodone ring that ran the powerful...

Masked assailants make off with car, cash

NAUGATUCK - Masked robbers attacked two victims early Wednesday morning, making off with a car, cash, and cell phones. Police reported that the victims were...

Police: Beacon Falls man charged after firing shots off porch

BEACON FALLS -- A local man has been arrested after state police said he fired off two shots from his porch on Skokorat Road. There...

2 arrested in armed robbery of bank

Waterbury men nabbed; shot was fired PROSPECT — Two Waterbury men armed with handguns were arrested in a bank robbery off Waterbury Road...

Court rejects appeal of convicted Naugatuck arsonist

HARTFORD -- The state Appellate Court has rejected the appeal of a convicted arsonist who burned down an apartment building in Naugatuck in 2006. Ryan...

Naugatuck High students to appear in court after fight

NAUGATUCK — Four Naugatuck High School girls were arrested Dec. 23 for what could be called a catfight -- except one of the fighters...

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