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Room stimulates students’ senses  

NAUGATUCK — Preschooler Teddy Salazar runs across a matted floor under a silver disco ball toward a set of fiber optic light strands. The overhead...

Borough couple petitioning to save Central Avenue

NAUGATUCK — Public outcry over the proposed closure of Central Avenue Elementary School seemed to end a month ago when the Board of Education...

Central Avenue closing means upgrade for preschool

NAUGATUCK — While Central Avenue Elementary School parents grieve to hear their children will be sent to other schools next year, parents and staff...

Board of Education approves closing schools

NAUGATUCK — After nearly two months of discussing the possibility of closing Central Avenue School and Prospect Street School, the Board of Education made...

Board to hold meeting on potential school closings

NAUGATUCK — The Board of Education will meet with residents April 24 to discuss a proposal to close Central Avenue Elementary School and Prospect...

Questions linger after session on school closure proposal

NAUGATUCK — Parents left an information session Monday night on the proposal to close Central Avenue Elementary school feeling they still did not have...

School board’s budget gap set in motion two years ago

NAUGATUCK — Parents said last Thursday night that they were “blindsided” by the proposal to close Central Avenue Elementary School. School officials, however, have long...

Parents speak out on proposal to close school

NAUGATUCK — A handful of parents voiced their concerns to the Board of Education Thursday night over a preliminary proposal to close Central Avenue...

Closing budget gap could mean closing schools

NAUGATUCK — School officials are considering shuttering Central Avenue Elementary School and Prospect Street Preschool to bridge a budget gap for the coming fiscal...

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