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Residents call for cameras

PROSPECT — Officials are looking into the possibility of using security cameras to help keep an eye on the town following a resident’s request. Resident...

Cameras to watch over borough

NAUGATUCK — Lights. Cameras. Evidence. Twenty surveillance cameras will soon be monitoring the borough from streetlights. The cameras are included in a $1.2 million lease...

Borough considering cameras in street lights

NAUGATUCK — Lights. Cameras. Surveillance. A live streaming image of the firehouse and Maple Street was projected inside the meeting room in Town Hall for...

Prospect puts body cameras to use

PROSPECT — The Prospect Police Department is among the growing number of law enforcement agencies that are using body cameras. For nearly a year, Prospect...

Cameras prove beneficial

New policy requires officers to video any professional interaction NAUGATUCK — A year after borough officers began wearing cameras on their uniforms, the Naugatuck Police...

Long lens of the law

Naugatuck PD plans to equip officers with cameras NAUGATUCK — Cameras mounted on the dashboard of police cruisers are nothing new for law enforcement agencies...

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