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CLISE: Logo Legal Wedgie

By now, you’ve probably seen the pun-tastic headlines: “Car Company Rams Florida High School,” read one on the Web site of Miami’s NBC affiliate....

CLISE: Olympic Education

We’re pumped for the Winter Olympics. We really are. The problems is we don’t know much about ‘em—the events, the athletes, the whole shebang....

CLISE: Access Compromises Ethics

On Jan. 7, Pete Carroll was ESPN’s guest analyst at the BCS national championship game, on the company payroll, chumming around with the College...

CLISE: Communication Hierarchy

We need to talk … or e-mail. That’s fine too. But this is much too important for a Facebook wall post, and I’m afraid...

Football playoffs expand, season extends

The path to Connecticut high school football playoffs—the most exclusive postseason in the state—will get a little wider next fall. The CIAC has unveiled...

CLISE: Linda’s Beautiful Mind

She calls almost every day, my “old friend from Oak Terrace.” I can tell by the tenor of her voice, as soon as she greets me, what kind of day she’s having: Sometimes it’s a joyful chirp, quoting scripture and gushing about choir rehearsal; others it’s a smoker’s croak, bitter and depressed and “just about ready to give up.” My friend’s name is Linda Jean Cray. She’s 45, heavyset—though she’s lost a considerable amount of weight recently—with stew-brown hair that flows just over her shoulders. Her smile reveals badly-worn, discolored teeth. A single, front tooth, apparently the survivor of the bunch, remains intact, recalling some cartoonish caricature of a baby.

CLISE: Time for an athletic intervention

I’ve got it: A way to block the verbal haymakers being launched back and forth between Town Hall and Tuttle House. Maybe even a...

CLISE: Conversation on loop

“Are you married? How many children do you have? Where do you live?” “Are you married? How many children do you have? Where do you...

CLISE: Bond debt a complexity

Democratic mayoral challenger Charles Mallon says Prospect’s bond debt exceeds $25 million. Republican incumbent Mayor Bob Chatfield claims the figure is more like $3...

CLISE: Loss hurts record, roster

WEST HAVEN — The biggest number—practically, if not mathematically—haunting the Naugatuck High School football program after Friday’s blowout loss to Notre Dame-West Haven is...

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