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Low turnout dooms borough referendum

NAUGATUCK — The consensus of those who came out to vote in Naugatuck’s budget referendum Tuesday was overwhelmingly against the budget. However, not enough...

Referendum on borough budget set for July 19

NAUGATUCK — In a few weeks, the voters will decide the fate of Naugatuck’s budget. The Board of Mayor and Burgesses set July 19...

Letter to the editor: Agrees borough needs automatic budget referendum

I read the article in the Citizen’s News “Commission lines up possible Charter changes in its crosshairs,” by Elio Gugliotti. The Part that caught...

Editorial: Budget referendum isn’t an automatic

On the surface, an automatic referendum on Naugatuck’s budget seems, in the spirit of March madness, like a slam dunk. We understand the appeal...

Commission lines up possible changes in its crosshairs

NAUGATUCK—After nearly two hours of discussion, the Charter Revision Commission set its sight on a few major potential changes to pursue, with a switch...

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