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Mezzo proposes BOE deficit solution

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo has a plan to bridge the school system's projected $2 million budget gap while avoiding massive layoffs and program...

Teachers reject proposed concessions

NAUGATUCK — Mayor Bob Mezzo says teachers may have accepted a cost-savings plan worth about $570,000 if the school board had given them some...

First tri-board meeting bears little fruit

NAUGATUCK — The philosophy behind the borough’s unprecedented “tri-board” meeting between the boards of Mayor and Burgesses, Education and Finance was met positively by...

Deficit may grow due to insurance claims

NAUGATUCK — The school system's looming $1 million deficit may grow even bigger due to a high number of costly health insurance claims. The school...

Three candidates, two seats in Beacon Falls

BEACON FALLS — Only one contender in the upcoming Region 16 Board of Education election, in which two Beacon Falls seats are open, attended...

Burgesses irate over BOE situation

NAUGATUCK — The Board of Mayor and Burgesses met Tuesday night to discuss and vote on routine agenda items like reappointments, bid approvals, and...

Teachers’ jobs could be safe

NAUGATUCK — The kids have spoken, and they’re not happy. On Monday night, when the picketing, marching and chanting before a Board of Education meeting lasted longer than the meeting itself, students criticized financial mismanagement that last year left the school system $1 million in the red and this year has given it the unsavory distinction of being the only district in Connecticut without an operating budget. The board’s most recent deficit projection for the 2009-10 fiscal year is $1.07 million, down from the $1.3 million projected last month. When the board last met, two weeks ago, Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Tindall-Gibson said closing the gap could require laying off as many as 14 teachers, including the dozen hired over the summer.

Controller to manage BOE budget

NAUGATUCK — The borough will have one business manager to oversee both the school and town budgets, at least temporarily. The Board of Education on...

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