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Future of Region 16 alternative program to be determined

By Elio Gugliotti, Editor PROSPECT — When Region 16’s second marking period ends in late January, so too will Woodland Regional High School’s alternative education...

Changes on the horizon for alternative education program

PROSPECT — Woodland Regional High School’s alternative education program will have a new home and expanded hours next school year. The Helping All Woodland Kids...

Alternative path to graduation

BEACON FALLS — Graduating from high school was an accomplishment that wasn’t on the radar for E.J. Valles a few years ago. Come next...

Alternative ed program begins at Woodland

BEACON FALLS — Some students learn differently, and those who would thrive in an alternative education setting now have that chance. Region 16 has launched...

Alternative ed set to start at Woodland

BEACON FALLS — After months of planning, Woodland Regional High School’s first onsite alternative education program is ready to begin. The first day of classes...

Students raise concerns about alternative program

BEACON FALLS — Some students at Woodland Regional High School have expressed concerns over an alternative education program that will begin at the school...

School board approves alternative ed program

BEACON FALLS — Starting in January, Woodland Regional High School will have an alternative education program to call its own. The Region 16 Board of...

Woodland working to give students alternative

BEACON FALLS — If a student at Woodland Regional High School is having trouble succeeding in the larger, traditional high school setting, the only...

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