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School board hires new principal for Algonquin

PROSPECT — After wading through a pool of nearly three dozen candidates, Region 16 school officials chose Rima McGeehan as the next principal of...

School board supports tearing down Algonquin

BEACON FALLS — The Region 16 Board of Education has backed a plan to demolish Algonquin School in Prospect to make way for a...

Building committee looking to level Algonquin

BEACON FALLS — A new Region 16 district office may yet be built on the Algonquin School property in Prospect — just without using...

Alternative plan sought for new district office

PROSPECT — The growing cost associated with turning Algonquin School in Prospect into Region 16’s district office has the building committee in charge of...

No explanation for spike in scores

Teachers receive testing training PROSPECT —A spike in reading assessment scores remains unexplained as school officials have decided to drop a review of the scores...

Search set to begin for next Algonquin principal

PROSPECT — The search for a new principal to lead Algonquin School will begin this week. The pre-kindergarten through third grade school in Prospect has...

Algonquin science fair


Algonquin parents seek answers from school board

PROSPECT — Dozens of parents of Algonquin School children came before the Board of Education seeking answers following two recent incidents that have disrupted...

Former principal rescinds request for unpaid leave

PROSPECT — Days after submitting a request for an unpaid leave of absence, former Algonquin School Principal rescinded it. However, the rescission doesn’t change...

Algonquin principal not returning to post

PROSPECT — A personnel investigation into Algonquin School Principal Lynn Patterson has come to an end and so has her tenure at the Prospect...

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