Woodland All-Decade Boys’ Track


Team of the decade: 2009

Out: T-best record in school history (11-1); Copper champion; Class M runner-up

Athlete of the decade: Eric Alfiere

All-New England outdoor (2007); Class M, State Open, NE outdoor javelin champion (2007); Out/In: 4x All-NVL, 3x All-State; 3 WRHS records; In: NVL SP record

F Eric Alfiere ‘08: Athlete of the decade

F Dan Park ‘10: Out/In: 2x All-State; 6 WRHS records

R Bryan Duda ‘09: Out/In: 1x All-State; 2x All-NVL; 3 WRHS records

R Zak Favoccia ‘09: Out/In: 2x All-State; 2x All-NVL; 8 WRHS records

R Brandon Fowler ‘10: Out/In: 2x All-State; 2x All-NVL; 9 WRHS records

R Josh Greenawalt ‘04: Out/In: 1x All-NVL; 4 WRHS records

R Jason Kymer ‘04: Out: WRHS records 4×100, 100

R Tyler Murphy ‘10: Out/In: 2x All-State; 3x All-NVL; 8 WRHS records

Honorable mentions: BJ Baer, Mike Dionne, Josh Fitzpatrick, Justin Getts, Chris Gimbrone, Jeff Jones, Mark LaFortune, Eric Moraniec, Steve Paniati, Chris Savvidou, Matt Trzaski, Josh Woodin