Woodland All-Decade Boys’ Tennis


Team of the decade: 2008

9-9 overall record; 8 players qualified for Class M Tournament (WRHS record)

Player of the decade: Joe Rosa

All-NVL (2009); NVL Tournament silver medalist (2009); first WRHS player to reach Class M Tournament quarterfinal (2009)

S Joe Rosa ’09: Player of the decade

S Ben Smith ’06: All-NVL (2005); qualified Class S Doubles Tourney (2005)

S Marcus Tremaglio ’08: All-NVL (2008); NVL Tournament bronze (2008)

S Tim Vincens ’05: All-NVL (2005); qualified Class S Doubles Tourney (2005)

D John Anderson/Joe Mach ’04: All-NVL (2004); Class S Tournament 2nd round (2003)

Honorable mentions: Mike Krakowski, Mark Larson, Alex Mach, Sean Montambault, Charlie Ostrander, Jake Uva, Vinny Vadala