Rain impacts qualifying for Hop Brook championship


NAUGATUCK — Heavy rains this week certainly slowed down activities at Hop Brook Golf Course, creating havoc for some golfers trying to get in their qualifying rounds for the upcoming championship tournament.

As of Thursday night, only 15 golfers had qualified, Hop Brook golf pro Bryan Nixon said.

“I believe a majority of the golfers will be out here qualifying this weekend,” he said. “We are expecting things to get a little busy around here, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

The qualifying round started July 16 and ends on Sunday. Days of rain have made it difficult to get on the course, and Nixon hopes to draw another 30 golfers for the tournament by the time the qualifying ends.

“We certainly did need the rain,” Nixon said. “I just wish it only rained at night. The course is not in bad shape, and I would expect things to pick up this weekend.”

Over the past five years, the Hop Brook men’s championship averaged 55 golfers but that number may be lower this year due to the recent weather. The women’s championship tournament began four years ago, and Nixon is hoping to increase the number of participants in this year’s event.

First round action is scheduled to begin Aug. 4 with the quarterfinals on Aug. 5. The semifinals are scheduled for Aug. 12.

The championship is scheduled for Aug. 19. It will consist of a morning round of 18 followed by an early afternoon round of 18 to make up a 36-hole championship round.