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Kyle Brennan
Kyle Brennan

Round of Applause

A 2013 Chevy Cruze has replaced my 1992 Mercury Sable station wagon. That’s right, everyone she’s been retired. I wasn’t aware the annual model year-end sales were this early in the year, so I had to make moves and get the good deal now (because I wasn’t quite sure how much longer the wagon would last, but I sure do know it wouldn’t make it through another winter). When I traded in the wagon July 20, it was quite a bittersweet feeling — one that induced a heartfelt eulogy posted on my Facebook page. Part of it went like this: “It was the best first car for which I ever could have asked. Sure, it took an awful lot of work to keep it going and threatened to die too often, but it taught me an awful lot about everything — not just owning a car. It’s brought me to great times and bad times. It’s taken me to my high school graduation, my college graduation, my biggest days at work, my favorite vacations and to every street in town in two hours. It’s seen me laugh and cry, scream and sing. It’s been a Brennan and a Beacon Fallite, a Hawk and a Bobcat. It’s been just like me — not pretty, but always reached its goal. I hope all of you who have gotten a chance to ride in the wagon over the years enjoyed it as much as I have.” So that was it. Anyway, I made a great decision on my new vehicle and I’m thrilled with it in every way. I’m especially proud to own my first Chevy, which is our unofficial family make. It’s a fancy shade of black, so I’m a little more incognito now. I know how lots of people go nuts in Beacon Falls when they see a new car patrolling town and don’t know who it is right away, so it will take a little bit of adjustment on everybody’s part. And, unfortunately, there probably won’t be a whole lot of worthy car stories to be included in this column anymore, so I appreciate all of you who have enjoyed keeping up with the trials and travails of the old wagon.

Susie’s Kickball Classic is next weekend, and it’s going to be a riot. Judging by other charity tournaments in which I’ve participated (recall the dodgeball tourney in Naugatuck?), there’s going to be all sorts of chaos. My gang and I are in it to win it, but don’t confuse that with any expectations. It should be a great day, though, and I’m thrilled to be helping out my friend Ryan Matthews make this first annual tournament a reality. We’re working on adding a side tournament during it all — an NBA Showtime on Nintendo 64 bracket. Now it’s a party.

Jake Peavy is the newest member of the Boston Red Sox, which is great for the pitching rotation and should make a big difference down the stretch while Clay Buchholz continues to milk his pseudo-injury for whatever it’s worth. Peavy’s had arm issues, but when he’s on he can still be one of the best pitchers in baseball. His addition doesn’t do much for the bullpen, though, which absolutely stinks and is one of the worst Red Sox bullpens I can ever remember. Bring back Byung-Hyun Kim and Eric Gagne at this point.

Chorus of Boos

Alex Rodriguez is very likely to be suspended for a long time. I’ve been hoping for a lifetime ban since this Biogenesis thing started heating up because hopefully it would mark the unofficial end of the so-called Steroid Era (although “steroid” is out of fashion now; we have to say “performance-enhancing drugs”). Nobody wants him around, he’s old and arrogant and he’s just been a general loser for the better part of the last decade since he left the Rangers. I’m beginning to think the lifetime ban is unlikely, but it won’t stop me from pulling for it. Let’s go, Bud.